Uncharted Playlist

Basically, this was my first attempt and probably my last attempt of writing a poem. I wrote it sometime last year. I remember that I was a bit overwhelmed back then so I thought it would be a good idea to write it down. While I was writing, I couldn’t help but notice that it rhymes, so I was like A POEM IT IS. You should probably know that I know nothing about Poetry and I seldom read poems.

I will share with you some keywords that are more like a hint to what this is about. “Change”, “Comfort-zone”, “Open-minded”, “Society”,    “DJKhaled”

So here goes:

Uncharted Playlist

Every day and every night, right before I seize my sight

Shutting the windows to what I see, stepping out of my two doors to flee

It’s dark where I stand; I hear the footstep of a marching-band

What’s this lullaby I hear? Oh, it’s the same old soothing music to my ear!

You see, I hate to change my playlist, and yet It is all what I crave my dear

The same old soothing music to my ear

Wait, wait, wait! Something is different today, what is the reason for this delay.

A shocker just slapped me across my face! What is going on, oh grace!

My playlist got perverted! A peculiar theme has been inserted.

How did the tone diverted! It was madly inverted!

A weird high screech overwhelmingly erupted, it went on for few seconds then it was disrupted.

My ears are unsettled! The screech resumes with scorching cries!

Please, make it stop! My eyes are starting to sob.

My eyes are still shut, it is still dark and I am still stuck!

But why is the sound getting louder! My place of escape suddenly became crowder!
Out of nowhere it took me by surprise!

A whispering hoarse voice started a gibberish preaching, I don’t even understand what is it seeking

What did I do wrong! Wait I heard this from an old song!

Mad is what I am calling myself! The voice is repeating itself!

Why do I resist the call! Why do I insist on the fall?

Do I yearn for my old song! Why is it taking so long?

Am I really in pain? Or am I just going insane!
The pain is like a painless pain! It is something new I promise it’s not the same train.

Why is change so hard? Why do we always have to be on guard?

You think the old lullaby is what’s right, but it is all based on a misguided bias light!

The true beacon of light will always come; it may be disguised as a dreadful scum

Give it a chance is what you must do; the right path is never late due

The humming of the old lullaby is still oscillating in my mind

It is not going anywhere! These old songs lurk everywhere!



Wait, What is This? Why am I here?

Quite frankly, I don’t even know…. But I do know this: I love reading books, I love learning new things, I love paintings, I love watching the sunset/sunrise, I love the beach, I love the desert, I love my culture, I love learning about other cultures, I love throwing myself out of my comfort zone, and I love writing.

Part of why I am here is also to improve my writing. I am also here to share with you my thoughts on various issues, hopefully non controversial but who am I kidding. It is almost inevitable. I think it is because of Political correctness. I don’t know.

I am a nice guy.  That’s what I like to think about myself.                  *Key to Success*

Critiquing books will cover most of this blog but it’s not the critiquing itself that I want to shed lights on. I believe that what makes a book a wonderful book is how you can relate to that book. What relationship did you have with the book. Personally, I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a bad book. Books are like people! No, I mean books are people. When you open a book you are starting a conversation or a relationship with a book.

Keep what I mentioned about books in your mind and read the following:

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, feeling fresh and rejuvenated. You instantly feel like you want to take a trip to Dubai Mall for the sole reason of visiting Kinokuniya. Now you are in Dubai Mall, at the entrance of Kino’s bookstore. You walk in there with a big wide smile looking at all these books. Right after you pass the cashier you turn right on the third row. A book with a pretty cover flashes so bright. You can’t help but place both hands on the book as you stare at it for sometime. You would ignore the title because you are too busy loving the cover. It is a hardcover edition, your very favorite. It would look good on your shelf. You open the book and once you start reading the description, you gradually start losing interest. 

Sometimes, you would feel attracted to someone when you first see them. However, once you get to know them, you start losing interest.

When you are reading, you are engaging in a similar form of relationship. I could grab a book and read the abstract on the back and make a judgement of whether this relationship is worth my time or not. I think you get my point. Or think that I am weird.

My point is that even when you are in a relationship with someone and it ends up failing. You still get something from it. It is all about learning. You learn from bad experiences also.

I read this somewhere I can’t remember:

“It is more fun writing bad books than reading good ones”

*Ignore the miskates to tried to proof read*